It's not too late thanks to a visit from Our Lady ...

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It's not too late thanks to a visit from Our Lady ...

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:13 am

The discount period on registration fees for groups & families expired June 1.  But that doesn't mean you or your friends and family are stuck.

Thanks to Our Blessed Lady's charity on this, the commemoration of her Visitation with Our Pre-born Lord Christ to their kinfolk, Ss. Elizabeth & her unborn son, John The Forerunner, you and your friends & family may register at the discounted rate.

But hurry.  The 'grace period' ends tonight at 23:59 PDT.

See this pagefor intermittent 'grace' periods -- days on which, thanks to your Blessed Mother in heaven, you, pilgrim-wayfarer in peril of shipwreck, can obtain, by a simple act of humble honor shown to her, the discounted rate for the registration fee after all.

Be sure to read the post carefully (and to the end) to learn how exactly to avail of the discount on this day of 'grace'.


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